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Diagnostic Laptop CDS 7.5.1 2021.05 METADIAG 2016

Diagnostic Laptop CDS 7.5.1 2021.05 METADIAG 2016

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Diagnostic Laptop CDS 7.5.1 2021.05 METADIAG 2007

DiagnostiсThinkPad laptop based on fast SSD drive with charger.

A touchscreen laptop can be used like a tablet see photos.


  • CDS 7.5.1 2021.05
  • METADIAG 2016

Lot contain:

  • 1pcs x Laptop with installed programs
  • 1pcs x Charging for a tablet

CDS 7.5.1 software, base 2021.05. Allows you to diagnose control units, troubleshoot, configure or update the firmware.

Ready to use✅

Fast worldwide 🌎 shipping withtracking

Feel free to ask any question

We can add diagnostic programs by your request✅

The CLAAS CDS software supports the following functions:

  • Read general information about the CLAAS machine (module version, module overview, counters, diesel engine speed display, machine report);
  • Diagnostics (reading and erasing errors, module diagnostics);
  • Downloading crop settings;
  • Change the language;
  • Settings (setting the overlap in the center of RSM, smooth start of the set-top box, etc;)
  • Configuration (changing the configuration, adding and removing modules);
  • Replacement of modules/sensors;
  • Calibration (hydraulic motor current, forward and reverse hydraulic pump current, movement lever, Terra Trac, tilt sensor, radial spreader, etc.)

CDS supports the following types of CLAAS equipment:

  • Grain harvesters (Lexion 8000-5000, Lexion 780-620, Lexion 770-620, Lexion 600-405, Tucano, Avero, Dominator, Mega, Medion) ;
  • Tractors (Xerion, Axion 9X0, Axion 8X0, Axion 6X0C, Axion 6X0, Axion 5X0, Axion 4X0, Atos, Axos, Talos, Nexos/Elios, Ares, Celtis, Ergos, Cergos, Ceres)
  • Balers (Quadrant Isobus, Quadrant LBS, Rollant Isobus, Rollant LBS, Variant Isobus, Variant LBS);
  • Mowers (Cougar, Disco 8600, 9300, Disco 8400, 9100, Disco 8500 & 9200, Disco 9100C AS, Disco 9200C AS, Disco 9400C DUO)
  • Swathers (Liner 4000, Liner 3600 & 3500, Liner 3000, Liner 1750 & 2X00 & 3100);
  • Dump trailers (Cargos, Quantum);
  • Telescopic loaders (Scorpion, Scorpion Tier4I, Scorpion K3X);
  • Front-end loaders (Torion 1914-1812, Torion 1511-1177, Torion 956-537 SINUS, Torion 639-535);
  • EASY (AGRO Scout, CAM Pilot, CROP Sensor, GPS Pilot S3, GPS Pilot S7-S10, CW1, RTK FIELDBASE).
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