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CCI 1200 BEDIEN-TERMINAL 12" Display

CCI 1200 BEDIEN-TERMINAL 12" Display

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CCI 1200 BEDIEN-TERMINAL 12" Display

Condition used grade A.

lot include:

  • 12" colour touchscreen display
  • ISOBUS compatible
  • Controls two machines at the same time
  • Machine operation and camera image in view at the same time
  • Connection options for cameras and AUX joystick
  • Cross-manufacturer use of the terminal

The CCI 1200 ISOBUS terminal with its 12" colour touchscreen display is ideally suited for operating complex hitched vehicles. By displaying two machines simultaneously as well as a camera image, all required information is displayed on one terminal which saves costs by eliminating the need for additional control units or camera screens. In addition, this terminal can be combined with cameras, AUX joysticks and the licences for Section Control, Parallel Tracking, Task Control and CCI.Assist.

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