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Diagnostic Laptop Noregon JPRO Commercial Fleet Diagnostics 2022 v2 w/ MOTOR Heavy Truck Service 2019

Diagnostic Laptop Noregon JPRO Commercial Fleet Diagnostics 2022 v2 w/ MOTOR Heavy Truck Service 2019

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Diagnostic Laptop Noregon JPRO Commercial Fleet Diagnostics 2022 v2 w/ MOTOR Heavy Truck Service 2019

Diagnostic ThinkPad laptop based on fast SSD drive with charger.

A touchscreen laptop, can be used like a tablet. see photos.


  • Motor Heavy Trucks Service - service manual for trucks, electrical wiring diagram, engine repair manual.
  • JPRO Professional Diagnostic Software 2022

Lot contain:

  • 1pcs x Laptop with installed programs
  • 1pcs x Charging for a laptop

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Motor Heavy Trucks Service  technical information system:

  • Autocar Bering Caterpillar Chevrolet & GMC Cummins Detroit Diesel Electrical Diagnosic & Repair Ford Motor Co Freightliner Hino International/Navistar Isuzu Kenworth Mack Mercedes-Benz Mitsubishi Fuso Nissan/UD Peterbilt Scania Sterling Volvo Westem Star
  • Air Bags, Air Conditioning, Brakes, Drive Axles & Transmission, Emissions, Engine Electrical, Engines, Farm Tractor, Manitenance, Performance, Specifications, Steering & Suspension, Technical Service Bulletins, Wiring Diagrams
  • Content: 
    • Air Bags
    • Ford F-Super Duty
    • Freightliner Cascadia Trucks
    • Freightliner Century Class Trucks
    • General Motors C-Series Trucks
    • Isuzu C-Series Trucks
    • Volvo VNL & VMN Trucks
  • Air Conditioning
    • Autocar, Bering, Chevrolet & GMC, Ford Aeromax, Louisville, Cargo, B, Ford F-Super Duty, Freightliner, Isuzu (Chevrolet & GMC Tilt Cab), Kenworth
    • Mack Heavy Duty, Mack Medium Duty, Mitsubishi Fuso, Petebilt, Sterling
    • UD Trucks, Workhouse
  • Brakes
    • Air Brake Controls, Air Brake Supply Systemm, Anti-Lock Brakes, Disc Brakes, Drum Brakes, Engine Brakes, Hydraulic Brake Controls, Parking Brakes, Power Brake Units, Specifications
  • Drive Axle & Transmissions
    • Automatic Transmission
    • Clutch
    • Drive Axle
    • Governors
    • Manual Transmission
    • Transfer Cases
  • Emissions
    • Abbreviations & Acronyms, Air Quality Standards, Application Charts,Component Location Diagrams, EGR Functional Tests, Emission Controls, Service Reminder & Warning Lamp Reset Procedures, Vacuum Hose Routing, Visual Inspection Procedures
  • Engine Electrical
    • Alternators, Cooling Fans, Electrical Diagnosis & Repair, Electrical Symbol & Wire Color Code Identification, Engine Brakes, Engine Shutdown Systems, Starting Switches & Motors, Engines, Abbreviations & Acronyms, Application & Identification, Cooling Fans, Engine Brakes, Engine Service, Fuel Pumps, Injection Pumps, Service Reminder & Warning Lamp Reset Procedures, Turbochargers, Vacuum Pumps
  • Farm Tractor
    • Abbreviations & Acronyms, Farm & Switching Tractor Specifications, Maintenance, Abbreviations & Acronyms, Maintenance Schedules, Service Reminder & Warning Lamp Reset, Procedures, Specifications, Tune Up Procedures
  • Performance
    • Abbreviations & Acronyms, Carburetors, Component Location Diagrams, Engine Controls, Fuel Pumps, Governors, Ignition Systems, Injection Pumps, Service Remonder & Warning Lamp Reset Procedures, Tune Up Procedures, Turbochargers, Vacuum Hose Routing
  • Specifications
    • Abbreviations & Acronyms, Brake Data, Engine Tightening Sequences, Engine Tightening Specifications, Engine Tune Up & Performance, Fluid Capacities & Cooling System Data, Gasoline Engine Tune-Up & Diesel Engines Performance Data, Lubricant Recommendations, OE Scheduled Maintenance, Piston & Rod Assembly, Powertrain Diagnostic Trouble Codes, Sensor Specifications, Serpentine Drive Belt Routing,Service Reminder & Warning Lamp Reset Procedures, Valve Timing Marks, Wheel Alignment Specifications, Wheel Lug Nut Tightening Specifications
  • Steering & Suspension
    • Fifth Wheel Service, Manual Steering, Power Steering, Suspension, Tandem Axle Rear Suspension, Wheel Alignment
  • Technical Service Bulletins
    • Chevrolet & GMC, Cummins, Detroit Diesel, Ford Motor Co., Freightliner, Isuzu, Mack, Mercedes-Benz, White/White GMC
  • Wiring Diagrams
    • Autocar, Bering, Caterpillar, Chevrolet & GMC, Cummins, Detroit Diesel, Electrical Diagnosis & Repair, Electrical Symbol & Wire Color Code Identification, Ford Motor Co., Freightliner, Hino, Isuzu, Kenworth, Mack, Mercedes-Benz, Mitsubishi, Fuso, Pacca, Peterbilt, Scania, Sterling, Ud Trucks, Volvo, Western Star

JPRO Professional Diagnostic Software 2022

JPRO Professional is the #1 in-shop diagnostic and repair solution. With coverage of all makes and models, plus industry-leading bi-directional controls, JPRO helps technicians find and fix all issues on a truck.

JPRO software includes an embedded troubleshooting module, Fault Guidance.

JPRO® Heavy-Duty Features
Cylinder Cut Out test updated with animated piston and injector controls. NOTE: Paccar not currently supported.

Ability to launch Cylinder Cut Out test from Fuel System screen. Displays Bendix Intellipark switches and lights on the tractor brake key data points window. Engine Support

Heavy-Duty Support for Caterpillar (On-Highway)
Bi-Directional support for Caterpillar engines: Parked DPF Service Regeneration Supported On EPA 07: C7, C13, and C15 ACERT engines

Heavy-Duty Support for Cummins
Bi-Directional support for Cummins engines: DEF System Leak Test Supported OnNow Supports: GHG17: all B6.7, L9, X12, X15

Heavy-Duty Support for Detroit Diesel

  • DPF Ash Accumulator Reset test now requires the DPF serial number for installation of new or cleaned DPF.
  • Bi-Directional support for Detroit Diesel engines includes:
    • DPF Ash Accumulator Reset
  • Now Supports:
    • GHG17 and newer DD5, DD8, DD13, DD15, and
      DD16 with Engine Software Version:
      • ✓ App_040B ✓ App_2104
      • ✓ App_040D ✓ App_2105
      • ✓ App_040E ✓ App_2107
      • ✓ App_0410 ✓ App_2108
      • ✓ App_0411 ✓ App_2109
    • and MCM Software Version:
      • ✓ mcm_0x06DB ✓ mcm_0x06ED
      • ✓ mcm_0x06DE ✓ mcm_0x06EF
      • ✓ mcm_0x06F2
    • and ACM Software Version:
      • ✓ acm_0x0232 ✓ acm_0x023E
      • ✓ acm_0x0236 ✓ acm_0x0250
      • ✓ acm_0x024E

Heavy-Duty Support for Mack and Volvo
Exit Inducement test was separated from the DEF Dosing Valve Test and is now its own test for ease of use.

Transmission Support
Heavy-Duty Support for Allison
Bi-Directional support for Allison transmissions:

  • Reset Fast Adaptive Shifts supported On:
    • 1000/2000 Pre-4th Gen, 1000/2000, 3000/4000 4th Gen, 1000/2000, 3000/4000 5th Gen
  • Reset Filter Life Test supported On:
    • 1000/2000, 3000/4000 4th Gen, 1000/2000, 3000/4000 5th Gen
  • Reset Oil Life Test supported On:
    • 1000/2000, 3000/4000 4th Gen, 1000/2000, 3000/4000 5th Ge
  • Service Indicator Lamp Test supported On:
    • 1000/2000, 3000/4000 4th Gen, 1000/2000, 3000/4000 5th Gen
  • Transmission Fault Lamp Test supported On:
    • 1000/2000, 3000/4000 4th Gen, 1000/2000, 3000/4000 5th Gen

Brake Manufacturer Support
Bendix Tractor Brakes
Supports reading and clearing proprietary fault codes for Intellipark.
Bi-Directional support for Bendix tractor brakes: Cartridge Lifetime Prediction Reset Test Supported On: EC-80 EAC Systems
Maintenance Mode Supported On:

  • Intellipark Systems

Bendix Driver Assistance Systems (DAS)
Bi-Directional support for Bendix Driver Assistance Systems
Radar Service Alignment Supported On: Wingman FLR25 Radar

Auxiliary Component Support
Heavy-Duty Support for Agility
Bi-Directional support for Agility Blue iQ® Fuel System Control Module.:
Wiggle Test/Performance Issue Monitoring Supported On: Agility Blue iQ® Fuel System Control Module.

JPRO® Medium-Duty Features
Cylinder Cut Out test updated with animated pistons and injector controls.

Medium-Duty Support for Ford
Bi-Directional support for Ford engines: Misfire Profile Correction Learn
Test Supported On: 6.8L V-10 Gasoline Engines

JPRO® Professional Diagnostic Software Includes the following features:

  • ✓ JPRO® Heavy-Duty Features
  • ✓ JPRO® Off-Highway Features
  • ✓ JPRO® Medium-Duty Features
  • ✓ General Features List

Education and Troubleshooting Features
Reporting Features
Integration Features
Configuration Features
Product Support Features
✓ All Makes, All Models Coverage:

Engines: Agility (Fuel System), CAT On-Highway, CAT Off-Highway, Cummins, Detroit Diesel, Ford, GM, Hino, International, Isuzu, Mack, Mercedes-Benz, Paccar, Sprinter, Volvo.

Transmissions: Allison, Detroit Diesel, Eaton, Ford, GM, Mack, Sprinter, Volvo, ZF.

Braking Systems: Bendix, Ford, GM, Haldex, Sprinter, Wabash, Wabco.

Body & Chassis: Bluebird, Dana, Ford, Freightliner, Fuso, GM, International, Kenworth, Mack, Peterbilt, Sprinter, Sterling, Thomas Built, Volvo, Western Star


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